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Volunteer With Us

Much of the scientific and conservation value of hawk watch data comes from having a continuous record of observations over each year’s migration period. Keeping up such an endeavour requires the effort and time of many dedicated observers. 

If you’re an experienced birder, or just interested in learning more about raptors and migration, we can use your help during spring migration.



Let Us Know How You’d Like to Help

Please contact us at: kdieroff@yahoo.ca

We are currently looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:


We need volunteers to help with daily counts from March 1 through May 31. Please indicate level of expertise and dates available. Inexperienced counters will be grouped with knowledgeable birders to help with identification.

Site set-up and maintenance:

Set-up – Around March 1 (2-3 hours)

During the season – maintain bird food and identify actions to maintain site.

Site take-down – May 15 (2 hours)

Organizing events:

Details pending


Details pending